I’m whurley.

I’ve been using systems theory and open source to create innovative technologies my entire career. I believe leveraging technology to solve our problems, not just as consumers but as citizens, is the most exciting and noble challenge we face.

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digital citizen.

Information and technology belongs to all of us. When built correctly, technology can keep us safe, healthy and informed. It empowers us to not only demand a better future for ourselves, but to build it. I work across a variety of social issues to remove hurdles and biases and influence all of us to think differently about how technology can serve us better.

speaker + author

Creating software and systems designed to make people’s lives better is only part of what I’m about, though. It’s important to evangelize on these issues.I’ve spoken at The United Nations, ISoJ, SxSW, and multiple TEDx events, on topics from cyber security to the omnipresence of what used to be called the future and is now just called the way we live. And most of the time, when speaking, I’ll be wearing pants.

entrepreneur + innovator

I’ve made Austin my home since 1994 and have seen and helped the city transform into a hub for tech innovation. After my time here with Apple R&D and again as an IBM Master Inventor, I chose to start my businesses here, fostering dynamic communities with companies like Chaotic Moon Studios and Honest Dollar.

At Chaotic Moon Labs, the innovation and R&D branch of Chaotic Moon, I oversaw the creation of some truly groundbreaking products--”the Board of Awesomeness”, “the Board of Imagination”, “the Helmet of Justice”, and “the Smarter Cart.” Sure, these kinds of inventions get publicity. But underneath, there’s a real potential for these kinds of innovations to improve the lives of everyday citizens--imagine enabled devices that can help people of all backgrounds navigate healthy shopping choices, or tools that communicate with first responders accurately and fairly. Here’s some of these creations in action:

We tackled a pressing national issue; the ability of self-employed workers and small businesses to save for retirement. The way we work is evolving faster than our retirement plans, so we gave people the information and tools to take retirement savings into their own hands - no matter where or how they work.