Farmers Business Network has launched Norm, the agriculture industry’s first artificial intelligence agronomic adviser. The platform is built on Open AI’s Chatbot GPT-3.5.

Farmers Business Network has introduced Norm, the first AI agronomic advisor in the agriculture industry. The AI platform is built on Open AI’s Chatbot GPT-3.5 and can provide farmers with specific, detailed answers to their agriculture-related questions. Norm pulls information from weather insights, soil monitoring, application rates, product labels, current events, university research and grower commentary. It also includes feedback from FBN's proprietary data feeds to give growers more detailed, specific answers to their agriculture-related questions. By identifying generic alternatives and application rates, Norm can help a producer's chemical application while also offering nozzle suggestions. The platform can also offer agronomic advice on irrigation, fertilizer application, crop rotation and provide strategies to combat pests and diseases, as well as livestock and animal information, while factoring in specific conditions like the geographic location and soil profile for a specific area. With Norm, farmers can make informed decisions with ease, as it serves as a first-line adviser to members across dozens of topics. For more news, visit