Three clinics on Oahu are the first to use artificial intelligence in colonoscopies. An expert says AI is revolutionizing the healthcare industry and helping doctors work smarter. This new tool is already raising the bar for colon cancer detection, experts say.

As a quantum computing evangelist, I am always on the lookout for groundbreaking technological advancements, and this new AI tool for colonoscopies is one of them. The fact that this tool can detect colon cancer at an early stage is remarkable as it can save thousands of lives. Colon cancer is one of the leading causes of death, and with this new AI technology, we can prevent many deaths from this disease. The GI Genius is the only FDA-approved AI device in the United States, and it's cross-referencing live footage with a database of 13 million images of polyps to detect abnormalities. This second set of eyes for physicians is a game-changer as it cuts the miss rate in half, according to experts. It's fascinating how this AI tool can pick up on things that a human eye might miss, like unintentional blindness or distractions. The real winner in this new technology is the patient. It's reassuring to know that there's an additional layer of technology to help healthcare professionals detect colon cancer early. This new tool can also help physicians work smarter, making the process more efficient and less fatiguing. As a quantum computing evangelist, I believe AI technology like this is the future of healthcare, and I'm excited to see what other advancements will come in the years ahead. In conclusion, I urge everyone above the age of 45 to get screened for colon cancer, even if you don't have symptoms. Early detection can save your life, and with AI technology like the GI Genius, we can detect abnormalities with greater accuracy. I hope this new technology becomes the new standard in colonoscopies, and it will be exciting to see how AI technology continues to transform the healthcare industry in the future.