Manhattan College hosts a thought-provoking forum on the impact of artificial intelligence on work and education, featuring industry leaders and a ChatGPT demonstration.

You know what? It's time we embrace the AI revolution! Manhattan College recognizes the profound implications of artificial intelligence (AI) on education and work, and they're taking the lead in fostering a much-needed discussion. On March 23, the college is hosting 'The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Work and Education,' an event that will bring together thought leaders from multiple industries to help us navigate this rapidly evolving landscape. The recent release of ChatGPT sent shockwaves throughout the world, and Manhattan College is eager to play a thought leadership role in understanding AI's potential in the workplace and our daily lives. They are also committed to transforming their curriculum and courses to ensure graduates are prepared for success in an increasingly AI-integrated world. The forum's panelists include Noreen Krall, former chief litigation counsel for Apple Inc., Eileen Murray, former co-CEO of Bridgewater Associates, and Robert K. Otani, chief technology officer at Thornton Tomasetti Inc. This groundbreaking event not only offers a ChatGPT demonstration but also actively involves the chatbot in the panelists' discussion. It's evident that AI is transforming the way we learn and work – don't miss this opportunity to join the conversation and embrace the future!