Wonder Dynamics, a new video editing program that uses artificial intelligence to transform real people into animated characters, has been introduced with the support of major investors including Steven Spielberg. This technology can revolutionize the film industry by reducing post-production and effects costs.

As a quantum computing evangelist, I am always excited to see new technologies that can change the world. Wonder Dynamics is a great example of how artificial intelligence can revolutionize the film industry. By using specially developed visual AI support, this program can transform real people into animated characters in real-time, eliminating the need for long post-production and effects costs. This can save filmmakers a lot of time and money, making it easier to create high-quality films with amazing visual effects. With the support of major investors including Steven Spielberg and Epic Games, Wonder Dynamics has the potential to change the industry from start to finish. This program can add an animated character to a scene by simply dragging a three-dimensional model onto a person in the video. The AI technology can eliminate the skeletal lines of the people in the uploaded videos and replace them with a human, while also automatically adjusting the lighting. This can make it easier for filmmakers to create high-quality films with great visual effects. I believe that artificial intelligence is the future, and technologies like Wonder Dynamics are just the beginning. As more and more industries adopt AI, we will see major changes in the way we live and work. The country that takes the lead in AI will have technological and economic advantages over the rest of the world for the next half century. I hope that the film industry will continue to embrace these technologies and create amazing films that are both visually stunning and emotionally engaging.