Bahamian tech start-up Mobile Garage Fleet Solutions is using telematics and artificial intelligence dashcam to improve fleet management and driver safety for businesses.

Mobile Garage Fleet Solutions (MGFS), a Bahamian tech start-up, is disrupting the way businesses manage their fleet of vehicles with telematics and artificial intelligence (A.I.) dashcam. MGFS claims that both technologies, which are channeled through its cloud-based platform, can provide companies with key data that can be used to improve driver safety, reduce operating costs, improve fleet management, and ensure regulatory compliance. MGFS's telematic devices go beyond basic tracking by monitoring vehicles’ movements and driver behavior such as speeding, hard braking, hard turns, impacts, diagnostic codes, and maintenance in real-time. The A.I. dashcam uses artificial intelligence to analyze video footage captured by cameras mounted in vehicles, capturing distracted driving behavior, cellular phone use, eating/drinking, possible fatigue, obstruction, collisions, and more. Fleet owners can then analyze this data to improve driver safety and fleet management. Businesses can even reduce the risk of accidents by identifying risky driving habits through MGFS technology's data. Tracking vehicle movements and driver behavior can also identify areas where businesses can cut costs, such as reducing idle time, optimizing routes and reducing fuel consumption, saving money, and reducing the company’s carbon footprint. MGFS's software updates every 60 seconds, generating reports on fuel, idling, driving score, diagnostics, stops, trips, and maintenance costs among other variables. This Bahamian start-up's software is now used in more than four Caribbean countries by various industries, including government agencies, hotels, hospitals, waste management companies, insurance companies, transportation, and logistics companies. Fleet management is an essential aspect of businesses across the globe, and MGFS is providing a solution to make it easy and effective. The future of fleet management seems to be in the hands of emerging technologies like telematics and artificial intelligence dashcam, and MGFS is leading the way for the Caribbean countries to follow.