PASQAL has launched Quantum Discovery, a cloud-accessible web platform designed for groups of employees to explore the benefits of neutral atoms quantum computing. The platform includes three modules that allow users to build their understanding of quantum computing, discover real-world applications, and explore how their businesses could benefit.

PASQAL, a leader in neutral atoms quantum computing, has launched Quantum Discovery, the first neutral atoms quantum computing exploration platform. The cloud-accessible web platform is designed for groups of employees to explore the benefits of neutral atoms quantum computing. The program includes three modules that users can complete in any order. The first module, Onboard Yourself in Quantum, allows users to get familiar with the core concepts of quantum computing, the underlying physics, and PASQAL's quantum algorithms through pre-recorded video tutorials, click-through demos, and a VR Tour of PASQAL's hardware. The second module, Interact with Quantum Computing, enables users to run and adjust pre-coded algorithm demos on real quantum hardware and emulators through integrated Jupyter notebooks. Users can also experiment with the code, adjusting parameters to see the impact on the results and runtime. The third module, Identify, Prioritize Use Cases, guides users through a set of questions tailored to identify relevant use cases. Users can learn about example use cases for each of PASQAL’s core algorithms and test if their unique enterprise use cases can be solvable with PASQAL's algorithms. PASQAL believes that neutral atoms quantum computing has the greatest potential to reach quantum advantage and deliver strategic value to enterprises across industries. With the launch of Quantum Discovery, enterprise users can now explore the benefits of neutral atoms quantum computing for themselves. Following the Quantum Discovery stage, enterprises can develop proof of concept with the support of PASQAL's team of quantum programmers and test them on a quantum processor. PASQAL also offers the opportunity to work with its team to develop a specific roadmap toward quantum advantage, which will be executed by a multidisciplinary team with domain experts, experienced quantum developers, and quantum hardware engineers. Finally, enterprises can leverage quantum computing in the enterprise through API-accessible cloud-based solutions and insert quantum applications into workflows. As a quantum computing evangelist, I believe that Quantum Discovery is an important step toward the democratization of quantum computing. This platform will enable more people to understand the potential of quantum computing and how it can be applied to solve real-world problems. Neutral atoms quantum computing, in particular, has the potential to deliver strategic value to enterprises across industries. It is exciting to see companies like PASQAL leading the way in this field and making quantum computing more accessible to everyone. If you are an enterprise looking to explore the benefits of quantum computing, I highly recommend pre-registering for early access to Quantum Discovery. This is an opportunity to gain a competitive advantage in the race toward quantum advantage and ensure that your company is well-positioned for the future of computing.