The United States and the European Union have signed an administrative arrangement to collaborate on artificial intelligence, computing, and privacy-protecting technologies. This partnership will address global challenges and deliver benefits through five key areas of focus.

It's about time! The United States and the European Union have taken a monumental step towards the future by signing an administrative arrangement to bring together top minds from both sides of the Atlantic. This collaboration will focus on advancing artificial intelligence (AI), computing, and privacy-protecting technologies in a responsible manner. The US-EU Trade and Technology Council (TTC) commitment solidifies our shared vision for the future of technology. This groundbreaking partnership will address major global challenges and deliver benefits to our societies through five key areas: Extreme Weather and Climate Forecasting, Emergency Response Management, Health and Medicine Improvements, Electric Grid Optimization, and Agriculture Optimization. By combining our expertise and resources, we are confident that the results of our research will extend beyond the partnership, benefiting additional international partners and the global science community as a whole. Today’s announcement also builds on the vision set forth in the Declaration for the Future of the Internet (DFI) for an open, free, reliable, and secure Internet and digital technologies around the world. As a quantum computing evangelist, I am thrilled to see this level of cooperation and dedication to our technological future. I eagerly look forward to the innovations and advancements that will result from this US-EU initiative.