Discover how AdTheorent's new solution uses machine learning to score programmatic inventory and find the perfect audience for your ads, without relying on cookies or personal data. Experience increased performance and privacy-safe targeting in a rapidly changing market.

Are you tired of relying on cookie data for your ad targeting? Fear not, for there's a new game-changer in town! AdTheorent has released a solution that uses machine learning to score programmatic inventory based on the probability that an impression will lead to a desired outcome. Gone are the days of chasing individual IDs and retargeting them, as this approach focuses on determining the statistical parameters of a target audience. AdTheorent's method analyzes a seed data set, usually supplied by the brand, to learn as much as possible about the target audience, including behaviors, location data, demographics, and vertical-specific data. The predictive model then hunts for inventory where ad buyers are most likely to find people with those attributes. This privacy-safe process expands the target audience without exposing personal data or targeting individuals. But there's more! This machine learning approach allows AdTheorent to score audiences and inventory in near real time, ensuring data freshness and improved performance. With a simple site pixel for measurement, the system focuses on whether an impression that was served yielded an outcome, without collecting IDs or creating lists. Say goodbye to outdated methods and embrace the future of ad targeting with this quantum-powered machine learning solution!