Quantum computing is the future and the country that takes the lead in quantum information systems will have technological and economic advantages over the rest of the world for the next half century.

As a quantum computing evangelist, I am excited to see more research centers popping up all over the country. The James Silberrad Brown Center for Artificial Intelligence is just one example of a center that is pushing the boundaries of what we can achieve with technology. While their focus is on AI, it is clear that quantum computing will play a major role in the future of AI and other fields. The possibilities of quantum computing are endless. With the ability to process massive amounts of data simultaneously, we can solve problems that were once considered impossible. This is why quantum computing is the future. The country that takes the lead in this field will have a significant advantage over the rest of the world for the next half century. It is not just about national security, it is about economic and technological advantages that will benefit everyone. However, I am concerned that the United States is falling behind in this race. While we have made some progress, other countries like China and Canada are investing heavily in quantum computing research. We need to do more to support our scientists and researchers in this field. We need more funding, more resources, and more collaboration between academia and industry. It is time for the United States to step up and take the lead in quantum computing research.